Parish Council

Carleton Rode Parish Council

January 07, 2024 - 06:18:57

There were no elections for the Parish Council in May 2019 since the number of candidates was fewer than the seven seats available (see above).. Carleton Rode Parish Council usually meets on a two-monthly cycle with extra meetings called as necessary. Meetings are held in the Village Hall, usually on a Tuesday evening, and at each meeting there is an opportunity for parishioners to come along and raise their concerns or give their views on local matters.

The current members of the parish council are:

Mrs S. Dennis, Rode Lane
Mr J. Laurie [chairman], Hall Road
Mr K. Greenwood, Ash Lane
Dr B. Slater, Mill Road Mr R. Sparrow, Fen Road
Mr J. Chandler, Mile Road
Mr R. Thatcher, Rode Lane

The council’s e-mail address is